General Head Office in Lisbon

Classification: architecture Status: under construction

General Head Office in Lisbon The project of space in which we contemplate the cost-controlled comfort proved to be an interesting challenge for the team Exergia. With the theme of space adaptation to the customer, the team developed a solution of partitioned workspace making it transparent to allow light to enter in any office, showing small color sets and equipment of different striking moments. The result is the function and form required by the comfort it provides to its users.

Industrial pavilions

Classification: engineering Status: under construction

Use: Industrial pavilions for services and small industries
Place: São Pedro, Huambo
State: Under construction

São Pedro becomes memorable by the presence of pavillions on the many industrial areas of the road from Huambo to Caála.
It’s organization, deployed perpendicularly to the main road, instigates the curiosity to discover, when the visitor arrives.
The proposed relationship between concrete and glass, punctuated with large and heavy access doors, features the image of the units in this park.
The Southwest suburbs practically abuts a waterway (river Lufucena), which gives it a pleasant space framework.

Executive Head Office in Lisbon

Classification: architecture Status: finalized

Executive Head Office in Lisbon

Interior Design projects for offices defend three main grounds: materiality, innovation and comfort.
Materiality in the conjugation of each element of the space as part individually and as part of the set; innovation, choice and application of the new avant-garde materials, applied following the materiality of each space and improving their use; and comfort, offering opportunities for work and leisure equipped with elements to match your most comfortable occupation. A solid entry announcing the corridor, the backbone of advertising events, featuring the work rooms that follow, as volumes alternate in depth. The special work done around the light and lighting give the space a game of shadows and contrasts that presages the space, thought of as individuals belonging to a single agency, in operation for individual and share a common whole. The choice of comfortable furniture and clean lines, geometric design and revealing their inherent transparence results in an environment of professionalism and thoroughness, punctuated with touches of color.