Natural gas

At EXERGIA our energy technicians have relevant market experience in engineering and natural gas infrastructure management (high and low pressure transportation systems) and liquefied natural gas (natural gas reception and gasification terminals).

Projects we have been and continue to be involved in:

  • High pressure Transgás transportation grid  (gas pipeline).
  • Medium pressure grid  for the regional distributors such as Tagusgás, Beiragás and Setegás.
  • Sines GNL terminal expansion project (ongoing).
  • Madeira GNL electricity terminal (preliminary study).
  • Sines GNL terminal expansion project

This project is of the highest importance to insure failsafe gas distribution and consolidation of the Portuguese infrastructure and gas grid. It will provide increased storage capacity with the constructing a third cryogenic tank of 150.000m3 for GNL and develop the operational efficiency of the existing terminal for gas input and distribution at the GN transportation grid.